The Tomb of the ice king


The 'ice king' track was intended to be the most electronic, influenced by the retrowave genre which is a popular style in scifi games. 

This lent well to the use of the Novation mininova sythesiser and I was able to create customs sounds using the inbuilt controls as well as using the editor plugin through logic. 

recording both audio and midi on logic was beneficial as it allowed editing rather than all played live. to do this it was connected through usb and the I/O external instrument plugin was used. 

then connected through the mixing desk i was able to record all the audio. 

some issues due to the midi channel function not translating across synth to mac meant that some recordings had interference when trying to record multiple tracks.

Each track was recorded separate and then the audio and midi was imported in to the main track. 

The editor plugin allows a far greater degree of customization and is more user friendly than the hard controls. 

This instrument features heavily throughout the 'Tomb of the Ice King' and gives it a distinct retro vibe.