Monarchs death

Monarchs death was my favorite track to record. with a rich and deep sound from the cello and the delicate and divine tone from the oboe. 

To really make this track distinct i wanted these instruments at the core this track.

The very talented Tamsyn Furneaux and Jay Whatson played the oboe and the cello respectively. 

Recording was done in 2b09a, with the oboe recording done with the SE akg300 with the hypercardiod attachment. 

upon research it was suggested that the recording also be done in tandem with and omni directional mic to gain the extra sound of room giving a richer sound. However due to the location of recording the room did not provide the right type of sound for the omni. 

I decided to not use the recordings from the omni directional and settled for silververb plugin which gives the right feel for this piece. 

For the cello I used the AKG C414 XLII/ST condenser set on hyper cardiod pattern, this mic was set much further back from the cello as to not pick up too much interference from the player. 

editing the recordings with logic enabled me to correct some of the minor playing errors correcting a few off pitch notes and some timings. Using the flex pitch function to adjust the fine pitch, vibrato and the pitch drift function allowed me to get a very smooth recording.